Chan Aye
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As a Sculptor, installation artist, painter, writer (wrote any articles about art) , illustrator of book cover. Chan Aye is prominent outstanding Artist of Myanmar.

On Reading Some Article about Chan Aye

Once I read an article by Paragm when he went in see Chan Aye’s sculpture exhibition in the yond of the French Culture Affair Department in Yangon. Viewing the painting has been a    to the author. This was his first experience to written a sculpture in full bloom.
What struck a viewer first in the impression that Chan Aye in a _______ artist who has chose the road not taken Look at him rendition of the historical artifact on display in full view-A big wheel.

Some people might think the usefulness of a wheel belongs to the old eras which exist in dim memory. It’s not so. If you remember the King Asoka’s stone column with the wheel on it head representing Dhamma which is used by the Indian Government as its national symbol you’ll come to a conclusion what Chan Aye is getting at.
Another sculpture which tells what Chan Aye’s philosophy is A Gig Oar sculpted in great detail. It’s no Sotiago’s oar. It’s the oar used by Siddharta and Uasudeva.

Fusion of Dhamma and arts is the practice that goes way back into ancient times. The example scatters across all _____ – in Europe, Egypt, India, China, Indonesia and ___.

Chan Aye says “The artist himself wants to be liberated from his arts externally”. The wheel and the oar. These are the two things he will use to turn his back on his worldly creation and fly into eternity.