Chan Aye
[email protected]
+959 43103518
As a Sculptor, installation artist, painter, writer (wrote any articles about art) , illustrator of book cover. Chan Aye is prominent outstanding Artist of Myanmar.

Exhibition List

Born :  1954, Mandalay , Myanmar
Address :  No.32,7 floor,7 Street, Hle Dan Township, Yangon
E-mail address: [email protected]
Phone:  +959 43103518

Self taught but influenced by Pagyi Aung Soe, U Paw Oo Thett, U than Aung (Sculptor)
Fulltime painter and sculptor, Visual Artist
Member of Lokanat Gallery.
Work as book cover illustrator & Magazine illustrator.
Write articles on art and sculpture.
Took the leading in exhibition Rectangular Lantern, Early Myanmar Modern Art Shows in country wide scale since 1985.

1983         Wild Eye Modern Art Exhibition, Yangon

1984         Period Modern Art Exhibition, Yangon

1985         Rectangular lantern painting show (1) Mandalay ( Organized to Exhibition)

1990         One Man Show(Traditional painting) Inya Art Gallery

1991         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1992         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1993         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions Rectangular Lantern Painting show (2) Mandalay

1994         Rectangular Lantern Painting show (2) Mandalay (Organized to Exhibition)

1994         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1995         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1996         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1996           “94” Modern Art show, Yangon

1997         Inya Member group show

1997         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

1998         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

                 Inya Art Exhibition

1999         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2000         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2000         Wild Eye Modern Art Exhibition, Yangon

2001         Meridian Painting Show Summit Parkview Hotel, Yangon

2001         New Zero Art Exhibition (1) Yangon

2001         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2002         New Zero Art Exhibition (2) Yangon

2002         Myanmar Art Award, Phillip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art competition               

                 show in I.B.C Yangon (award)

2001         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2002         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2002         Performance Installation & Sculpture (Arrawadi International symposium and workshops)

                 Beik Thano art Gallery, Yangon

2003         New Zero Art Exhibition(3) Yangon 

2004         New Zero Art Exhibition(4) Yangon

2004         Work Tower To Look The World (Painting & Sculptures Solo Art Exhibition) The Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon

2004         Inner Light Contemporary Art Show (Lokanat Art Gallery) Yangon

2005         To River, Solo Sculpture Exhibition, France Embassy, Yangon

2006         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibitions

2005         The Period of Growth Group show (Belk Thano Art Gallery)

2006         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2007          Myit Ta Ye Sin –Show (Lokanat Art Gallery) Yangon

2008          My Favorite Art ( Myanmar art Centre )

2009         Exhibition of Art Works for Donation ( White Elephant-Gallery-Mandalay)

2010         Lokanat Gallery  Member  Exhibitions ( Lokanat Gallery)

2011         Mind Scape ,Solo Sculpture Exhibition  ( Lokanat Gallery) Yangon

2011         Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2012         Blue Wind international Multimedia Art Festival (Professional Art Gallery)

2012              Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2013              Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2014              Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2014              Cheimp and Chan Collaborate Art Exhibition ( Lokanat Gallery)Yangon

2015              Noting News ( AHla Thit Gallery ) Yangon

2015              Lokanat Gallery Regular Exhibition

2015              Period ( Total House ) Yangon


Overseas Exhibitions:


1996          “New Painting From Myanmar” Substation Curated by Art 2, Singapore

1999          “Oriental Curtain”Galerie ON,Julicher Str 27,50674,Cologne, Germany

2001         “Oriental Curtain” (April) Vacaus Art Museum, Varcaus, Finland

2002          “Earth, Wind & Fire” Singapore ,ART 2 Gallery(October) Singapore

2001           Yaddo Art Group Show,  Singapore

2002           addo Art Group Show (March) Singapore

2004            The Sovereign Annual contemporary Asian Art awards Exhibition 2004 (April) Hong Kong

2006                 Outstanding Myanmar Art Exhibition ((Dhara Dhevi Gallery, Chiang Mai) – Thailand

2007                 Presents Burmese Contemporary Art (WAN FUNG GALLERY) Shanghai CHINA

2007                 Burmese Masters Group show (  Asia Fine Art Gallery) Hong Kong

2008                 Myanmar Contemporary Art (La Honas ,Hotel )France

2009                 Myanmar Contemporary ( La honas Hotel, ) France

2009                 Artist Residency in Vietnam      (Artists’ Talk (Hanoi)) Vietnam

2009                 We are Burma   (The Leila Gallery, Berkeley)  US

2009                 Myanmar Contemporary Painting ( Art State ) Singapore

2010                 Birmanie L’autre Regard (Galerie Librairie ) France

2010                 Myanmar Contemporary Art Event (Free word Center,London)UK

2012                 Myanmar Contemporary Art  ( Clark House Bombay ART Centre) India

2014                 Banned in Myanmar painting Under Censorship(Hong Kong ,The Nock Art Foundation,Kwai Bo  Industrial  Building and Hong Kong Visual Art Centre ) 20 oct to 1 Dec , Hong Kong

2014                  Aurora  Solo Exhibition ( Palais de Tokyo Museum ) France

2015                  Busan International Sculpture festival ( Busan Culture Center ) Busan,Korea

2015                  DOC- Ehibition   ( Paris Art Fair ) France

2015                  Burma by Proxy Art at the dawn of Democracy ( Hong Kong Visual Art Center) Hong Kong


Philip Morris Group of Companies Myanmar Art Awards 2001/2002

The 2004 Sovereign Annual Contemporary Asia Art Prize